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Welcome to this website!

Hi! I'm Elizabeth! I made this website! Wow! Whatever.

Well, you're probably here because you found the link at my LiveJournal or you're just magical and you found it, like, however.

12/13/03 Update again, because I got bored and I didn't have anything to do. More jokes added, and that's about it.

By Magical Obizuth


Personality Test Results
More Personality Test Results (With Graphics!)
Watch us kill Harry Potter!
Watch us kill Harry Potter again!
Lists of Jokes and other Stupid stuff
You're obsessed with Viggo Mortensen (or Aragorn) if...
You're obsessed with Sean Bean (or Boromir) if...
You're obsessed with Elijah Wood (or Frodo) if...
You're obsessed with Orlando Bloom (or Legolas) if...
The Snotmail Website
(Snotmail is my spoof of Hotmail and most of the links don't work in there. However, it would appear that you *can* sign into Hotmail using this Snotmail site. Interesting, is it not?)
(Mr. Bill Gates (or whoever designed the page and can claim rights to it) - If you want my 50 cents for making fun of your webpage, you'll have to come and get it yourself! HAHAHA!)
Elizabeth: the FYI
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