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The Ultimate Personality Test
Your personality is actually determined by two personality sub-types - your primary, or dominant sub-type, and your secondary sub-type. You are a Skydiver which means you are a Seeker / Golden. Your primary sub-type is defined by "Seeker" characteristics and your secondary sub-type is defined by "Golden" characteristics.

That means you're open minded, extroverted, free-spirited, and independent. Chances are you're pretty liberal. You're like a magnet for love and affection. People adore you. And, thanks to that healthy dose of self-confidence, you're super-flexible.

How do we know all this? How do we know you're a great leader at work? Or that you're a self-starter and will always volunteer to take on a job? How could we have divined that you're an excellent communicator and tend to spread your enthusiasm to others?

Because while you were taking the test, you answered four different types of questions — questions that measured confidence, apprehension, willingness to take risks, and your focus on experience versus appearance — the primary traits that determine your personality. Based on your responses, we determined your personality type, Skydiver.
(I could get a more complete personality profile, but it would cost me $12.95 and I don't have THAT kind of money.)

What type are you?
You are an Intellect

If you were one of Charlie's Angels, you'd definitely be Sabrina, the brains behind the operation. Besides the fact that you're well-read and have an insatiable desire to learn, you can hold your own in any intellectual sparring match. With a wall full of diplomas, or at least a few in the works, your hobbies and interests reflect your intelligence. Whether you're reading the New York Times or catching up on the latest independent film, it's clear that your wheels are always spinning. You probably aced your SATs, tend to scoff at "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" (even though you know all the answers), and kick butt at Trivial Pursuit. Guys love the challenge of trying to seduce you. Your brainpower drives them crazy, and you're smart enough to know that it puts you in the driver's seat.

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What is your medieval vocational personality?
Your distinct personality, The Dreamer-Minstrel might be found in most of the thriving kingdoms of the time. You can always see the "Silver Lining" to every dark and dreary cloud. Look at the bright side is your motto and understanding why everything happens for the best is your goal. You are the positive optimist of the world who provides the hope for all humankind. There is nothing so terrible that you can not find some good within it. On the positive side, you are spontaneous, charismatic, idealistic and empathic. On the negative side, you may be a sentimental dreamer who is emotionally impractical. Interestingly, your preference is just as applicable in today's corporate kingdoms.

What's Your Theme Song?
I Will Survive

The fiery confidence you normally keep under wraps blazes in your eyes every time your theme song turns on the table. People stand back and wait to be impressed by you—whether leading a project team, or firing up for a girls' night out. You mean business and people look to your leadership because you're so sure of yourself. So whether you're looking fine in the latest styles or throwing a bone to your 70's polyester double-knit blouse, this disco anthem always reminds you that you are true to yourself and are one of the lucky few who recognize that change starts first on the inside. Whether you're in your car, at a party, or on a date, you feel more resilient than John Travolta's acting career when your song comes throbbing through the speakers. Your friends dig you because you've learned to say what's on your mind. Life's too sweet to feel hurt and misunderstood. Yes indeed, with this as your theme song, you don't have to worry about surviving. You're well on your way to succeeding.

Are you evil?
Good for you, you're human. We all have evil thoughts, and you may have acted on a few of yours, but you're probably okay traveling through Buffy's turf. Or maybe you're an aspiring evil person and you've never given yourself a real chance. Go ahead and forgive yourself for the mean-spirited — but ultimately harmless — pranks you pulled in grade school. Whispering behind your co-workers' backs won't flood you with bad karma. And we've all held out for ourselves in the throes of passion a time or two. So keep listening to that conscience of yours, but don't worry about tuning it out every so often. Keep reading for more evil details!

Okay, admit it — sometimes you'd rather avoid face-to-face conflict. Now, was telling us that to our face so hard? No. Being up front about any concerns as soon as you have them, rather than letting them build up and turn into, say, a tire-slashing incident, is a good thing. And it sure beats getting a reputation as someone with a taste for revenge. Sure, you probably wouldn't make a very good bouncer, but that's okay. Take comfort from the fact that, overall, we think you're just swell.

We're not going to say you're a bad person, but you're toeing the line. A little advice: Try to think about how your victim will feel before you pull your next dirty prank (we don't care how funny it is when you take out a classifed ad and sell someone's car for them). You may think cruelty is funny, but your friends don't — especially the ones who've been burned by your verging-on-evil ways. Listen to your conscience a little more, okay?

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How superstitious are you?
No little kitten or cracked mirror is going to throw you off! You probably chuckle at those people who wear the same old ratty shirt for luck or walk funny just to avoid those cracks in the sidewalk. Superstitions don't seem to play a significant role in your life. You don't think a four-leaf clover or an open umbrella can control your fate? Well, good for you! Superstitions, when kept in perspective, can be a lighthearted way to play with the concept of luck. But, when taken seriously - they can be consuming and get way out of hand. Superstitions are irrational beliefs that are created to make sense of coincidences or the unknown. When someone is confused or lacks knowledge on a subject, she may turn to superstition for guidance and luck.

Discover your past life

Not much is certain in life — past or present — but we know this much about you: In your last life you were a sultry leopard named Lola. You were a showgirl, with yellow feathers in your hair and a dress cut down to there. You would meringue and do the cha-cha. And one night at the Copacabana (the hottest spot north of Havana), you fell in love with Tony, the handsome bartender. Tony fought Rico (he wore a diamond) for you and won. The two of you grew old and happy together, joyfully dancing your lives away at the club to the soulful tunes of Barry Manilow.

What's your true color?
You're brown, a credible, stable color that's reminiscent of fine wood, rich leather, and wistful melancholy. Most likely, you're a logical, practical person ruled more by your head than your heart. With your inquisitive mind and insatiable curiosity, you're probably a great problem solver. And you always gather all of the facts before coming to a timely, informed decision. Easily intrigued, you're constantly finding new ways to challenge your mind, whether it's by reading the newspaper, playing a trivia game, or composing a piece of music. Brown is an impartial, neutral color, which means you tend to see the difference between fact and opinion easily and are open to many points of view. Trustworthy and steady, you really are a brown at heart.

What's Your Perfect Car?
Who cares if the paint job is almond brown or eggshell white? The car for you is a solid, simple Sedan. We're thinking a Toyota Camry, a Lexus, or even a Benz. Pure comfort and smooth sailing is what you desire, with as little contact with the outside world as possible. From your airtight cabin, you want to get to and fro without difficulties or stress—and keep a classy but low profile. You're the classic, successful American, on your way to the mall, the movie theatre, or a charming bed and breakfast. Your personality is calm, cool, and collected—as polished as the shine on that freshly washed hood. You don't look to be provocative and don't give anyone any trouble; you just treat your little car well and expect it to return the favor. As long as it gets its regular checkups, your wheels are as reliable and dependable as you. Thanks to your trusty sedan, you can be sure to make all your meetings and save a few on rising gas bills. Vive le sedan.

What breed of dog are you?
No bones about it, you're a friendly, easy-going Basset Hound. Laid-back and very low-maintenance, "down time" is your favorite activity — you treasure the moments when you don't have anything on your agenda except plopping down on the couch for a night of "Must-See TV." Although you're always gunning for low-key evenings, you're really a pretty social pup and a snap to get along with. Sure, some folks might misinterpret your relaxed attitude and lifestyle as laziness, but those who really know you think your no-frills approach to life is refreshing. No daily planner? No itinerary for the evening? No problem! Woof.

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What color is your aura?
We don't need a psychic to tell us that you're giving off a Gold vibe. You couldn't ask for a better color — a glistening gold aura is as good as it gets. A lively blend of yellow and orange, gold people are happy, playful, energetic, sensitive, and generous. Always up for adventure, you'd give a friend in need the shirt off your back. You're spiritual, too — all those halos in old paintings aren't colored gold by coincidence. Almost childlike in the carefree, joyful way you live your life, you're popular and outgoing with your large circle of friends. Chances are you're so full of light and energy that you sometimes find it hard to sit still and chill out. Instead, you're constantly looking for excitement, no matter how risky or impulsive the occasion. Happy-go-lucky and always laughing, you truly are as good as gold.

What's Your Beauty Aura?

When it comes to how you present yourself to the world, you strongly believe that keeping things simple — whether it's your relationships, career, or face soap — is the best way to be beautiful. You're satisfied with what nature gave you and aren't afraid to show your confident, unadorned self to the world.

Your beauty routine is all about maintenance. You keep your skin clean, your body moisturized, and add a splash of color to lips and eyes when the situation demands it. Other than that? You feel best looking as fresh as nature intended. In the course of being au naturelle you may sometimes forget to cut loose and have fun. You should feel free to dress up now and then or splurge on a scent. Spoil yourself, now and then, as nature intended.

What's your lucky charm?

Let's hope you're not afraid of bugs, because it turns out that scarabs are your lucky charm. But before you get creeped out, you don't need the living thing for luck to come your way. (No one wants a living dung beetle crawling around in their pocket, after all.) So consider yourself one of the fortunate few.

When the likeness of the scarab is stamped, carved or engraved onto stone, glass, wood and metal, it becomes one of the oldest good-luck charms in the world.

Keep one next to your heart for long life. Place one next to your head while you sleep for protection. As the sacred symbol of the eternal soul, you might want to carry more than one scarab charm—one for this life and one for the next.

Are you loony?
To borrow a phrase from Forrest Gump, loony is as loony does. You know how true that is — in fact, you've embraced it. Because while you certainly have your moments of insanity, you know when to say when. Sure, you get a kick out of occasionally doing and saying things other people think are goofy or off-the-wall — you're a real sucker for being the center of attention now and again — but there are plenty of times when you'd just as soon be calmer and more serious. The same goes for expressing your emotions. No stranger to strong feelings, you choose your battles and control your highs and lows, saving your emotional outbursts for when you need them most. After all, fun and craziness are all well and good, in the right time and place, but balancing your "up" and "down" times earns you more respect in the long run. Not nearly as nutty as a fruitcake — but maybe giving Pralines 'n' Cream a run for its money — you're the perfect mix of impulse and restraint.
(Hear that? I'm perfect!)

Who's your type?
Your type is the Brain

Let's put it this way — you would never date the Scarecrow from the Wizardof Oz. A guy without a brain is not the guy for you! Your Mr. Right is well-read, extremely knowledgeable, and can beat anyone at Trivial Pursuit. Hecan hold his own in any intellectual conversation, and he's got aninsatiable desire to learn. You prefer a strong mind over strong muscles and have no patience for someone who considers TV mentally stimulating.Whether it's because he can take apart a computer and rebuild it at thespeed of light or the way he can recite the price of any stock on themarket, his brainpower impresses you. You love to learn, and there's nobetter knowledge than the kind you get from someone you love!

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The Career Makeover
Cruise Director

If it weren't for guiding lights like you, the world would be a bunch of lost souls and automatons, carrying on the daily grind without any cheer or direction. Thank goodness you're around. Your stellar interpersonal skills and compassionate ear for the troubles and life experiences of others makes you a godsend when the going gets tough. And since you're especially smooth at working with groups, your listening skills and wisdom are best when called in to sort out a conflict or lead an open discussion. Consider yourself the soul doctor to the world—it's your true work personality.
Who's like you:
Oprah Winfrey

Likely careers:
Talk show host, HR director, news anchor, teacher, spiritual leader, socialite

What's your romantic fantasy?
Sushi, skydiving, and safaris. You're not afraid to experiment and do something different. That's why your romantic fantasy, The Foreign Affair, is exotic and exciting and usually takes place on distant soil.

Maybe you're on business in the Orient or taking a solo vacation through Europe. Either way, your itinerary is flexible in fantasyland. There's always time for some international intrigue.

From the dark stranger in the pub to the striking fellow next to you on the train—you never know which mysterious character might approach you with some covert operation.

But since life doesn't always imitate a Tom Clancy novel, you'll settle for a romantic dinner at a hidden basement bistro, a private screening of Casa Blanca, or even a weekend retreat in the mountains (James Bond style). Of course, wherever the final destination, you'd prefer it be kept top secret.

Teen Celebrity Match
Prince William

People already look to you for friendship and advice (of course, you're a natural leader). So just imagine how they'll flock when they know you've been matched with Prince William himself!

Though his official title is "His Royal Highness Prince William of Wales," he'd prefer it if you just called him "Wills." That's right, the hottie, heir apparent to the throne is your teen celebrity match. He's sexy (at 6'2"), single (just starting college), and smart (straight A's).

This royal bachelor would be more likely to take you to a hidden pub to raise a few pints—strictly a jeans-and-sweater affair, mind you, than take you on a tour of the Castle. You're sure to notice a down-to-earth wisdom beyond his years as this born leader has grown up in the public eye. And even if he didn't have that sexy English accent, how could you resist him as he looks into your eyes and tells you how dedicated he is to helping the environment, or you.

So if you want a nice intimate evening, just you, Wills, and a couple bodyguards (and the royal jet if you're lucky), this great Briton is all yours. After all those times people have called you "Princess" wouldn't it be nice if you could play the part for real and make the world a better place?
(BIG surprise...)

What's Your Monster Match?
The vampire is your monster match—the dentally endowed child of the night. This Halloween, take a nap during the day so you can make it from dusk 'til dawn. Like the "undead" themselves, you demonstrate eternal youth and an appetite for living that is contagious (no biting necessary). When the sun goes down, you have an uncanny sense of where to be and when to show up.

Even if you decide to strap on the udders and dress as a dairy cow, you still have a certain suave gracefulness that permeates even the silliest of costumes. Lay off the garlic and you'll have no trouble getting that special victim back to your coffin for a little nibble. Pace yourself Vampires, you're going to need to save a little energy for the day after. Dracula can't see his reflection in the mirror, but luckily, you can. So don't forget to freshen up a little after your Halloween weekend.

What's your emotional age?
In the area of behavior, you seem to fall into the "adult" category. Adults tend to be efficient and responsible. You are probably a "doer" whom others consider reliable, stable, and consistent. People feel they can depend on you. Of course, if others rely too much on you, it can be a burden. You seem, however, to be someone who strikes a healthy balance between fulfilling others' needs and taking care of your own. Just be aware that if you feel overwhelmed by the pressures put on you, you should take some time out for yourself.

In the realm of emotions, you seem to fall into the "adolescent" category. This means that you sometimes express your emotions without thinking about the effect they have on other people. It can also mean that you are extremely self-conscious and worried about what other people think of you. Adolescents are notorious for being influenced by peer pressure and societal standards. Adolescents may also often be moody and withdrawn and have a hard time making emotional commitments, but they can also display great creativity. They feel strongly about many different things in their lives. Your passion for life probably comes through in your emotional reactions.

When it comes to the level of responsibility you assume, you fall into the "mature" category. This means that you are probably someone who can be relied on to come through in any situation. People around you probably consider you totally dependable, perhaps to the point of being too controlling. It is a wonderful characteristic to care about the needs of other people and not to burden them with your problems, but you may want to alleviate some of your own emotions sometimes. There are times when you can leave aside your concerns for everything and everyone around you. But you also need to leave time for yourself.

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What's your flavor?
Mmm ... blueberry! Tangy and sweet, you're as fresh as a mountain sunrise and as natural as homemade jam. If you were a Broadway musical, you'd be The Sound of music — we can just picture you twirling for joy in an Alpine meadow. Best with breakfast cereal and pancakes, you're simple and refreshing, with just a touch of tartness to give you an edge. Always a favorite, people can't get enough of your spontaneous nature and easy-going approach to life. Who wouldn't be attracted to your sporty, summery flavor? Fun-loving and genuine, you're a truly tasty treat.

What Zodiac Sign Should You be?
An Aries!
It's sooo you!

The planets are very complex. Maybe your astrologer will disagree, and maybe a few tendencies will vary, but overall you're an ARIES. You've got a feisty and energetic style coupled with an optimistic outlook. That Aries assertiveness shines through in your independent ways. It's what guarantees you success no matter what you decide to pursue. The only problem is how little time you give yourself to meet your goals. Patience is definitely not an Aries virtue. On the other hand, your open heart and creative mind give you a deep self-confidence. And let's not forget your very sexual and impulsive side. Hidden or not -- it's definitely there. Your fire sign also gives you the ability to ignite the passion of others. Your symbol is a ram, and you're known and respected for your courage.

Some famous Aries are:

Maya Angelou
Robert Frost
Hugh Hefner
Elton John
Vincent van Gogh
(Apparently, I'm not exactly a Taurus, then, am I?)

The Astrology Matchmaker
Your stars are sending you straight into the arms of an AQUARIUS. As an air sign, your man is a great communicator and an independent thinker. On top of that, he's incredibly popular. You won't be able to resist his inviting personality and altruistic nature. Also ambitious and creative, he tends to be inflexible when it comes to his views. He might shy away from romantic relationships at first, but once you break through that barrier, he's yours! His sign is the water bearer, which means that he gives off a special energy that is received as a gift by others. Your ideal man is a people person, and he genuinely wants everyone to be happy. He's also a progressive intellectual with an analytical edge. So, not only will he provide interesting conversation, he'll make sure you're always smiling! In addition to possessing all of these redeeming qualities, your Aquarius is most commonly known for being the friendliest sign in the zodiac.

How to catch him:

Your Aquarian man places the intellect above physical stimulation. He needs to feel that the two of you have made a deep, meaningful connection before he'll enter a relationship. Passionate and exciting, he'll put you on a pedestal once you have had a meeting of the minds. Aquarius stands for truth, and your man will be honest to a fault. So be careful not to ask questions such as "How do I look?" and "Do these pants make me look fat?" when you're just looking for reassurance, because this man just might give you an answer you don't want to hear. But he's trustworthy and devoted (as long as you give him his space).

Famous Aquarian men include:

Bob Marley
Ed Burns
Matt Dillon
Michael Jordan

The Presidential Matchmaker
C'mon — admit it. Politics aside, deep down you're looking for a fit, earth-conscious guy who likes painting and Shakespeare. Don't tell Tipper, but Al Gore is your presidential dream date! Sure, he's idealistic and conscientious, but he can kick back and chill out every once in a (long) while, too. You might not buy into all his politics, but who wants to talk issues anyway? You're more into his quiet determination and the cool reasoning of his Harvard-educated mind. He's a true diplomat, born and raised — by his dad, former Senator Albert Gore Sr. — to work on Capitol Hill. That means you're sure to be treated with elegance and dignity.

Okay, he might come off as a little square and boring at times, but underneath the stiff exterior is a sensitive, churchgoing guy (he's a Southern Baptist) who's full of tenderness. This clean-cut hunk loves ice cream, Diet Coke, and the TV show "Futurama." He's inquisitive by nature — he was a journalist before going into politics — and has a head for technology. In fact, he's claimed to have invented the Internet. Your leading man may not be full of surprises, but he's hardworking and reliable, which makes him a stable guy with long-term potential. Maybe it's time you started thinking about how it would feel with a Democrat by your side.
(Thank the deities above that I didn't get George W. Bush)

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The Celebrity Matchmaker
Adorable? Check. Good body? Check. Sexy accent? Well, not anymore, but you could always rent one of his old movies. That's right — sigh-worthy Aussie import Mel Gibson is truly What Women Want, and he's your celebrity match! (Okay, so he was really born in New York, but we'll always think of him as the stud from Down Under.) Fun-loving and spontaneous, this sexy, blue-eyed star of Chicken Run and The Patriot is right up your alley. (And, oh, that smile!) You've always had a soft spot for the golden boys, so you can't resist this high-spirited practical joker. Sure, it'd be a shame to break up his family, and the seven kids might cause a twinge of guilt, but we think you deserve him. Now, if only we were in charge of these things!
(Another BIG surprise)

What's your lucky number?
As a 4, you're no stranger to melodrama. What's that? Are those violins playing gently in the background? And like all good performers, you are in touch with a variety of your inner characters. You've got all the angst of an early '90s garage band, but fortunately it fuels your creative urges and helps you relate to others. When your friends aren't giving you a standing ovation, they're sharing their feelings because you really listen. 4s have an inner Vasco De Gama of sorts, as they fearlessly explore uncharted emotions within. As a Romantic, you enjoy emotion whether it's watching a sappy John Hughes film for the 20th time since high school or pursuing that mysterious lover who doesn't know you exist. But be careful, road kill just might take you a little longer than your friends to get over. And ending a relationship of any kind might send you straight into a depression you oblige with a healthy dose of Peter Gabriel or Enya. At your best, you can harness your emotions like few others to produce unique expressions of yourself. Your need to "feel" might lead you to commit risky acts that could hurt you—umm fellow 4s J.D. Salinger, the Artist-who-can't-stop-changing-his-name-to-Prince, would you care to chime in? But trusting your self-knowledge gives you an advantage that others lack. All in all, it's not a bad gig being a 4.

Which "Friend" Are You?
Um, ok! You're, like Phoebe. Ok, so you may not have Phoebe's, well, special intuition or, um, musical talent. But, like everyone's favorite beautiful-blond-psychic-masseuse, you never lie and your friends are the most important thing in your life.

With an utterly free spirit like yours, some people see you as flaky. But creative, perceptive-as-heck, and eerily wise is more like it. You see the good in everyone, which could make your dating life a bit, well, uneven. But you always land on your feet with your humor, kindness, (and who-knows-what-from-beyond) as your guide.

Who's Your Inner Rock Star?
Ooooh lady, you've got it going on. The rock star part of you is all Sade. Sleek, sexy, and untouchable, you are the ultimate smooth operator. People tune in to you whenever they want to unwind and get into that sexy mood. You know how to keep cool and keep a low profile. And you're never one to unveil your mystique by making too many appearances. By staying true to your talent and staying out of the spotlight, you've become as rare and welcome as love's first blush at sunset. The fans are totally fascinated, so go ahead and use it. Strut your inner Sade.

The Dot-Com Test
Doesn't look like you're sold on the dot-com idea. It's not that you can't make it in the internet world, but it's gonna call for some serious adjustments. Obviously there's nothing wrong with avoiding the internet bug. It's a very hard-core, fast-paced lifestyle, and it's not for everyone. Some of the standard problems people have with the startup workplace -- crazy hours, hectic schedules, an uncertain future -- seem to bother you quite a bit. They may even deter you from entering the cyberspace rat race. However, you're not completely turned off by the idea. You probably recognize that there's something cool and exciting about working under high stakes employment. But, it's only worth it if you can enjoy the ride. No matter how great the potential payoff, the risk and the madness may seem too overwhelming. In order to thrive in a dot-com environment, you need to be a devoted and enthusiastic team player. This may not be one of your strengths. When you work for an internet start-up, you have to give up a lot of your personal time and space for the success of the company. Before making any decisions, you need to figure out if the sacrifices of working at a dot-com are worth the rewards, and if this type of job fits into the lifestyle you desire.

What's your superpower?
Leapin' Lizards, you're a CHAMELEON! Your answers show a keen awareness of your place, coupled with real social insight. When it comes to blending in, you're probably a pro. Chameleons are masters of disguise and can fit into any social situation or group. Able to change your colors at a moment's notice, you adapt quickly to changing moods, conversations and attitudes. This special power makes you the perfect candidate for a life in espionage, acting or simple social climbing. Sound exciting? An unassuming air, well-practiced charm and a fine eye for human behavior are your tickets to success. If you want to dive headlong into the role of the chameleon, you'd better stock up on theater make-up, acting books, outfits, fake noses and reversible jackets. Practice your skills by crashing parties and trying to fit in. When the hostess swears that she's met you before, you'll know you're ready for the big time. Chances are good that if you use all your innate chameleon skills, you'll go far. Good luck!

What's Your Goddess Groove?
Hey Disco Queen, you're a walking party, turning frowns upside down with your good-time goddess groove. When you're rounding up all your friends, or just hanging out with a few of them, your beat is always fun, funky, and unique. Everything you do has your own personal touch — whether picking up a new hobby or strutting your stuff with a new fashion statement.

Your spirit is as infectious as a disco beat, and it allows you to be comfortable around pretty much anyone. So keep listening to your inner beat and don't be afraid to experiment — even if it seems other people have different ideas or opinions. Your goddess groove seems to have an extrasensory perception, one that can identify when trends are going to come back into the scene — and that's important to you.

Not everybody can make a statement with what they wear like you do. You have a vibe that accepts all kinds of people into your fold and a magnetism that keeps them loyal for years. Just remember that wherever you are, you should let that natural sense of rhythm flow freely. Do that and there's just no stopping your goddess groove.

Are You a Great Date?
In terms of your dating etiquette, it appears that you are polite, well-mannered and tactful. You seem to know how to behave appropriately on a first date, which is imperative for making a good first impression. Your considerate demeanor and respectful manner reveals that you are one classy broad!

It appears that most of the time you are a confident woman and you do not feel the need to use your sexuality to get a man. You seem to appreciate the subtlety of messages that can be sent to someone in whom you're interested. Based on your answers, however, there may be times when you express your interests in a way that can appear too needy or desperate. You should remember that these sorts of signals can send the wrong message during a first date.

You seem to have found the perfect balance between speaking and listening on a first date. You probably enjoy having a very natural give-and-take dialogue, and you are aware that there should be boundaries regarding how much is appropriate to reveal about yourself at such an early stage of a relationship. Chances are you do not try to please your date by always agreeing with him, and you probably don't take the spotlight off of him by always bringing the attention back to you. Continue to be yourself and you will soon find Mr. Right!

What's Your Celebrity Look?
Who can say what goes on behind that Mysterious Look? No one for sure, because you love to keep them guessing. Your secretive ways are as intriguing as your exotic beauty. Maybe it's your deep, dreamy eyes, or maybe it's that elusive smile that hides something more. As a nonconformist by nature, you tend to fuse different fashions into unique combinations that express the real you—marrying the vintage with the modern or the classic with the eclectic. Like your celebrity counterparts, Winona Ryder and Juliette Binoche, you're always open to intelligent discussion and experimental jewelry and makeup. By playing up your intense features with deep lipsticks and an alluring eye shadow, you're both captivating and unpredictable.

Ghost or spirit: You are a lost soul. Very calm and sweet, you are often the one who asks: What if? With a clever mind, you want to explore the world on a different level. Without the answers, you aren't ready to move on. You are most likely very creative and find yourself thinking things through on a different level.

**Where will you go when you die?**
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