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More Personality Tests!

Well, Liz got bored again, so she found some more personality tests to take! Where does it all end?!?!

By the way, if some of the graphics don't work, please don't blame me because it's not my fault.

And if some of the links don't work, then I guess it's too bad for you.

Scared? Escape the Madness!

You're a dangerous person -- very ambitious, self-aware and self-reliant. You know what your strengths are and how best to use them to your advantage, and you know what your weaknesses are and how to downplay them. You can either be a great leader or a great tyrant, but you'll definitely be great. Chances are you're also very sarcastic.
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Which HP Kid Are You?

Hailing from sunny Transylvania, your first blood-related incident was when you stabbed a servant girl in the face with a pair of scissors for underperforming. Some of the red spray landed on your hands, and as you washed it off, you noticed that it left your skin fresh and young looking. From then on you were convinced that the blood of young girls was the secret to eternal youth.

Rather than killing girls outright by stabbing them or slitting their throats, you enjoy torturing them for weeks on end by pricking them with needles or prodding with sharp spikes - all to bathe in their blood. You've killed over six hundred women, all without raising a peep from the authorities.

Which Evil Criminal are You?

If I were a Dead Russian Composer, I would be Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov.

Considered the leader of the 19th Century Composer group "The Mighty Handful," I am indeed the teacher among them. My orchestration skills are superbly colorful, and are explained in my book on the topic, but works like "Scheherezade" explain my mastery better.

Who would you be? Dead Russian Composer Personality Test

[If I were an online test, I would be The James Bond Villain Personality Test]

I'm The James Bond Villain Personality Test!

I live in a fictional world of spies and blonde women with ridiculous names, and I like to give people plenty of options. Although whether they're villainous is not optional.

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I am 57.5% British, just like
Hugh Grant
Thought you drive a British sports car you are most likely to have a blowout in LA.

Take the Brit Quiz at
Quiz written by Daz

See which Greek Goddess you are.


See which Greek Goddess you are.

I'm a Wind Spiriti
Thought above feeling and mind over matter are your mottos. Others come to you for advice and guidance. Some see you as introverted and snobbish, but they are merely jealous of your common sense knack to think things through. Don't be afraid to listen to your heart though.

Which PPG are you?

Take the 100 Acre Personality Quiz!

I took the What Mythological Creature Are you? test by Peaceful Chaos !

What Pattern Are You?

kiss my ass2
congratulations. you are the kiss my ass happy
bunny. You don't care about anyone or anything.
You must be so proud

which happy bunny are you?
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cuddle and a kiss
cuddle and a kiss on the forehead - you like to be
close to your special someone and feel warm,
comfortable, and needed

What Sign of Affection Are You?
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You have an entrancing kiss~ the kind that leaves
your partner bedazzled and maybe even feeling
he/she is dreaming. Quite effective; the kiss
that never lessens and always blows your
partner away like the first time.

What kind of kiss are you?
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You're the smirk,a frown-smile hybrid that's a
little bit cocky and usually associated with
evil or arrogant,but attractive people.You
probably just don't give a damn,but it's
everyone else's fault if you don't because
you're too awesome to have any real faults.

What Kind of Smile are You?
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YAY!  I'm Buffy!
Which Female Buffy Character are you? Find out!

I'm Billy Flinn
Which CHICAGO Character are You? Find out!

Mmm...I'm Ariel!
Which Disney Princess are You?Find out!

Ooh...I'm Phoebe!
Which 'Friend' Are You?Find out!

A pirates life for me...
Which Pirates of the Carribean character are you? Find out @ RelentlessDivas.Net!

What type of Bishounen are you? Find out at by Rin.

You're a natural born trouble-maker. You hate
authority and do everything you can to get
around the law, or in some cases, break it.
Naturally stubborn, you hardly ever sway once a
decision is made. Your nature is fiery and
courageous, and always out-going. You love
attention and usually have kinky fetishes
you're not afraid to explore. People either
love you or hate you.

What Type of Soul Do You Have ?
brought to you by Quizilla

Ghost or spirit: You are a lost soul. Very calm and sweet, you are often the one who asks: What if? With a clever mind, you want to explore the world on a different level. Without the answers, you aren't ready to move on. You are most likely very creative and find yourself thinking things through on a different level.

**Where will you go when you die?**(now with pics)
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Your soul is bound to the Solitary Rose: The Alone.
"When I wake up alone, the shades are still drawn on the cold window pane so they cast their lines on my bed and lines on my face."
The Solitary Rose is associated with loneliness, melancholy, and patience. It is governed bythe goddess Merope and its sign is The Sword, or Unrequited Love.
As a Solitary Rose, you may be summed up as a hopeless romantic. You desire love and have so much love to give, but thing just never seem to work out the way you want them to. In life, you can be very optomistic, even when things are gray and nothing works out to your expectations.

What Rose Is Your Soul Bound To?
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?? Which Of The Greek Gods Are You ??
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You are: Wondering eyes. You're not quite focused and you're quite the day dreamer. You're a bit odd and as many say, your head is in the clouds.

You're: Wondering eyes. You're not quite focused and your quite the day dreamer. You're a bit odd and as many say "Your head is in the clouds."

What type of eyes do you have?
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Your Heart is Red

What Color is Your Heart?
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(And you all thought it would be black! HA!!!)

I am a Hippy

Which America Hating Minority Are You?

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I'm an Atheist!

Which Enemy of the Christian Church Are You?
(Duh, what else would I be?)

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You are Black.
Boasting of power and mystery, you make for an
interesting person. But careful, you may scare
off any potential freinds with your short fuse.

What Color Best Represents Your Personality?
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You are a PHOENIX in your soul and your
wings make a statement. Huge and born of flame,
they burn with light and power and rebirth. Ashes fall from your wingtips. You are an
amazingly strong person. You survive, even flourish in adversity and hardship. A firm
believer in the phrase, 'Whatever doesn't kill you only makes you stronger,' you rarely fear failure. You know that any mistake you make will teach you more about yourself and allow
you to 'rise from the ashes' as a still greater being. Because of this, you rarely make the same mistake twice, and are not among the most forgiving people. You're extremely powerful and
wise, and are capable of fierce pride, passion, and anger. Perhaps you're this way because you
were forced to survive a rough childhood. Or maybe you just have a strong grasp on reality and know that life is tough and the world is cruel, and it takes strength and independence to survive it. And independence is your strongest point - you may care for others, and even depend on them...but when it comes right down to it, the only one you need is yourself. Thus you trust your own intuition, and rely on a mind almost as brilliant as the fire of your wings to guide you.You are eternal and because you have a strong sense of who and what you are, no one can control your heart or mind, or even really influence your thinking. A symbol of rebirth and renewal, you tend to be a very spiritual person with a serious mind - never acting immature and harboring a superior disgust of those who do. Likewise, humanity's stupidity and tendency to want others to solve their problems for them frustrates you endlessly. Though you can be stubborn, outspoken, and haughty, I admire you greatly.

*~*~*Claim Your Wings - Pics and Long Answers*~*~*
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Rain: You are the sound of rain. You have two
important sides. There is your strong, powerful side and your calm, gentle side. Both are very important. Rain also reflects a bit of darkness in your personality. It isn't bad, just shows that along with the good, you also can see bad, which can come in handy.

What Sound Are You?(now w/ pics)
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