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You're obsessed with Sean Bean (or Boromir) if...

Let's get something straight before any more dumbasses read this and tell me I'm weird for being obsessed.
I am in no way, shape, or form obsessed with Sean Bean.

Escape the Madness!

1. You carry around a dinner plate.

2. You use your dinner plate for a shield.

3. You demand jewelry from midgets.

4. You are rude to the king.

5. You have a dinner plate made of metal, which you specially ordered, that you use as a defense mechanism.

6. You teach midgets to sword fight.

7. You enjoy playing with midgets.

8. You know a midget, period.

9. You enjoy ruffling the hair of midgets.

10. You get your friends to shoot arrows into your chest to see if you can last as long as Boromir.

11. You carry around a big horn.

12. You call it the Horn of Gondor.

13. Whenever you blow on the “Horn of Gondor,” all in the area get really mad at you for making them deaf (again).

14. You develop a sudden hatred for the Uruk-Hai.

15. You take jewelry from midgets.

16. You know the significance of a White Tree.

17. You do not trust tall ladies with long golden hair.

18. You don’t trust people who claim themselves to be a king when you first meet them.

19. You ask midgets to kick you in the knee.

20. You name your brother Faramir.

21. You have searched for hours to find Minas Tirith.

22. Your dad likes you better.

23. You have a broken trumpet-type thing.

24. People are supposed to respond when you blow into the trumpet.

25. You dub your house Gondor.

26. You call your father Denenthor.

27. You make your father burn himself.

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