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Came here by accident? Return to the Madness!

Gotta love those links! Heh, I've got some good ones if you're up for a laugh...

The 8-bit Theatre!

The cheerful gang from final fantasy.. BM, Fighter, etc.

The Bob and George Comics!

Yeah, they rock. Go read them!

Funny Junk

This is... well... funny junk. What were you expecting?

Mall Monkeys

Another webcomic. Strange, yet hilariously funny.

My Livejournal

In case you ever get that bored, come on in and see what kind of evil mischief I'm planning now... hehehehe... *rubs hands together evilly*


See the adventures of Ninjai, the little boy ninja...

Sluggy Freelance!

Cool web comic, kicks ass.

My friend's site.

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