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24 Ways to Know if You've Been in Band for Too Long

More Madness or Escape the Madness!

24. You actually like marching band and would kill to do it all year long.

23. The drummers start making sense to you.

22. You have to stay in step with people around you while walking.

21. You direct the songs on the radio.

20. Playing "stare down" with the drum major is no fun anymore.

19. You wonder what life would be like if you weren't in band.

18. You roll step while you walk to class.

17. You practice your marching music on a daily basis.

16. You think Louie Louie is the best song ever written.

15. You major in music and use your high school band director as a role model.

14. Those stupid "band humor" jokes are the funniest things you ever heard.

13. You pick out instruments from the music in cartoons.

12. You start screaming "LEFT! LEFT! LEFT!" to people that walk in front of you on the way to class.

11. Drummers start making sense to you.

10. You've dated everyone in the band and now wonder if you've ever gonna have another date.

9. You think that trumpeters have a right to be egotistical.

8. You don't think flutes have a slight attitude problem.

7. You change from your instrument to the tuba.

6. You have perfect pitch.

5. The band director is always right.

4. You marry that special someone in your section.

3. You have kids and force them to be in music.

2. Drummers make lots of sense to you.

1. You can relate to more that a fourth of these things!