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~A.P. U.S. History Group Page~

Just a little comic from Bob and George that I thought was funny and that you all should see.

So instead of like... answering all of your questions separately, having people forgetting what they're doing, and leaving people confused and such... I made this website. Oh, and also I got bored... and you know... any reason not to do homework, right?

I'll try to keep this page updated (kinda) with what each member of our little study group is supposed to do, along with important dates for us to remember (e.g. study sessions, test date, etc.) and there is contact information at the bottom... since not everyone here is on AIM 24/7 and we all have phones (I hope) and an e-mail address.

=-=Assignment #2=-=

Use the vocabulary list fromt he middle column to create a flow chart for the main events of the American Revolution. Each box should be labeled with the event/date, a symbol (picture), and a short sentence describing the event.

If you guys want to, we can get together at some place and do those together.

Notes and Vocabulary Assignments

Just as a reminder, the notes are in bullet form, and we are making a SEPARATE vocabulary list. (That means... yes, you have to use another piece of paper for the vocabulary.) Either type everything or write in pen so it can be photocopied, unless you want to write the same thing 5 times. While that would probably help you study, it probably wouldn't be very much fun.

Esther shall be papercutted to death for not bringing her notes for Assignment 1.

Katrina - Vocab: Samuel Adams, Crispus Attucks, Thomas Paine, James Otis, George III, George Grenville, Thomas Hutchinson, Thomas Jefferson; Notes: pages 82 to 95 (Stop at "Schools and Colleges")

Esther - Vocab: Paul Revere, John Dickinson, Sons of Liberty, John Adams, Benedict Arnold, Cherokees, Continental Army, Lord Cornwallis; Notes: pages 95 (Start at "Schools and Colleges") to 113 (Stop at "Braddock's Blundering and Its Aftermath")

Kathy - Vocab: Williams Howe, George Washington, Battle of Bunker Hill, Boston Tea Party, Coercive Acts, Stamp Act, Boston Massacre, Continental Congress, Currency Act; Notes: pages 113 (Start at "Braddock's Blundering and Its Aftermath") to 129 (Stop at "The Townshend Tea Tax and the Boston 'Massacre'")

Eric - Vocab: Declaratory Act, Proclamation of 1763, Sugar Act, Common Sense, Townshend Acts, Virginia Resolves, Declaration of Independence, Lexington/Concord, Yorktown; Notes: pages 129 (Start at "The Townshend Tea Tax and the Boston 'Massacre'") to 147 (Stop at "Jefferson's 'Explanation' of Independence")

Elizabeth - Vocab: Treaty of Alliance (with France), Treaty of Paris (Peace of Paris), Republicanism, Militia, Loyalists, Mercantilism, French/Indian War, Spanish territory, French territory; Notes: pages 147 (Start at "Jefferson's 'Explanation' of Independence") to 162

/-//-/Important Dates/-//-/

Assignment #2 Due Date: Currently unknown... but nobody be late this time!

*~#~Contact Information~#~*
Click on the button to email the person. As if you weren't smart enough to figure that out. Nyah!

Kathy Estrada: 270-3175 (Home) 497-0859 (Cell)
Esther Hernandez: 274-5573 (Home) 690-3567 (Cell)
Eric Pena: 532-8019 (Home) 205-4152 (Cell)
Katrina Velasco: 270-9207 (Home) 318-3012 (Cell)
Elizabeth Wan: 274-1361 (Home) 772-4451 (Cell)